Breastfeeding Support with Integrity

Facilitating Judgement-Free Breastfeeding   Doesn’t that sound nice?  Earth Mama Angel Baby created the pledge Support with Integrity earlier this year to get back to encouraging and supporting those who decide to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding can come with enough obstacles as it is.  We shouldn’t have to worry about snide remarks, competition or any of the … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Support with Integrity”

Judgement Free Breastfeeding – Sign the pledge

Here is a wonderful pledge to promote judgement-free breastfeeding.  We all need to help each other out and support one another.  Here is an excerpt of the pledge: I PLEDGE to keep my ego in check, while treating other breastfeeding boosters, lactation facilitators, breastfeeding organizations, and mothers respectfully, knowing that we’re all working toward the … Continue reading “Judgement Free Breastfeeding – Sign the pledge”