Breastfeeding Slows Us Down…In the Best Way Possible

Breastfeeding Past Infancy As my son quickly approaches his fifteenth month breastfeeding, I am suddenly very aware of how active he is!  He isn’t just walking, he is running to keep up with his older sister.  He is squirming to get out of my arms to play with toys.  He is constantly banging on the … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Slows Us Down…In the Best Way Possible”

Nursing for comfort

Is it okay to nurse for comfort?  Nursing for comfort is an obvious yes to me in the first few months of a child’s life.  But what about month four, six, nine?  Is it okay to nurse a toddler for comfort?  I am pregnant with my first child.  I look forward to providing nourishment and … Continue reading “Nursing for comfort”