Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

Did you see those beautiful rays of sunshine ? The return of warm weather inspires us to get out our most beautiful shirts, especially our beautiful dresses that have been sleeping in the back of the closet. Here at Momzelle, we have also been inspired by the beautiful weather and warmth has invaded our spring-summer … Continue reading “Spring-Summer 2017 Collection”

Breastfeeding at a Wedding

Babies and weddings, not exactly a popular combination! I would say it fits somewhere between walking onto an airplane with a baby and asking for a high chair at a steakhouse. Last month we attended a wedding with our three month old daughter.  I will admit to all kinds of anxiety as we walked into … Continue reading “Breastfeeding at a Wedding”

New fancy nursing top + the perfect nursing dress to wear at a wedding!

A fancy nursing top About two weeks ago, we received a new nursing top. It is dressier than the tops we usually make, so we have decided to call it the “fancy nursing top“. It has 3/4 sleeves, a draped neck (you pull down the neckline – super easy – to access the breast), and … Continue reading “New fancy nursing top + the perfect nursing dress to wear at a wedding!”