Nursing Anywhere – Momzelle Mamas Normalizing Breastfeeding

#Momzelle – Breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere you have the right to be! We just love to see our nursing clothes in action.  This week we had lots of awesome Momzelle mamas sharing photos on our Facebook page.  Here they are in case you missed them 🙂                     … Continue reading “Nursing Anywhere – Momzelle Mamas Normalizing Breastfeeding”

Online Breastfeeding Support to Real life Friendship

The following is a guest post from a Momzelle Mama, Melissa Carey. I want to tell you a story of how encouraging a breastfeeding mom, even a stranger, can turn into a marvelous, meaningful friendship. Read on to find out how this came to be for me. I live in Midwest U.S.A. and am married … Continue reading “Online Breastfeeding Support to Real life Friendship”

The Breastfeeding Cover-Up

This is not a post about nursing covers. This is a post about breastfeeding support. It is about those who consider themselves breastfeeding supporters, what a breastfeeding mother considers supportive and the often huge disparity between the two. I married into this company (my husband and his sister started Momzelle together, just as he and … Continue reading “The Breastfeeding Cover-Up”

Breastfeeding Documentary… Coming Soon!

I just love Ricki Lake!  Before I was even pregnant, I watched The Business of Being Born and was a changed woman.  It really opened my eyes to the idea of choices in birth and feeling empowered.  Due with number two in a few weeks, I anticipate meeting my child on our terms! Ricki’s newest … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Documentary… Coming Soon!”

Breastfeeding is normal!

I am due with my first child in two months.  There are so many things I am looking forward to, but… I don’t like drawing attention to myself, making people uncomfortable or  being insecure.  What I really don’t like is that these things are often associated with breastfeeding in public! I am truly excited for … Continue reading “Breastfeeding is normal!”