Birth Affirmations – guest post

The following is a guest post from soon-be-mama, Tanya.  We always love to hear and share real life parenting and breastfeeding journeys.  If you want to share yours, please email I am an expecting mom and a visual artist.  I would like to share my story of using Birth Affirmations in preparation for my … Continue reading “Birth Affirmations – guest post”

My Breastfeeding Journey: Cracked nipples and an LC

As I approached 41 weeks in my first pregnancy, I was feeling the pressure from the medical community.  Setting an induction date was brought up at my 40 week appointment and it set my emotions on a roller coaster.  My desire for an unmedicated, minimal intervention birth was feeling under attack. Lots of walking, squatting … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Cracked nipples and an LC”

Desiring a Doula

I am in research mode.  I have hit twenty-two weeks in my pregnancy and I am devouring any and all information I can to help me with my plan to have a natural childbirth.  I have discovered that I want a doula. Here is the role of a birth doula from DONA International: Recognizes birth … Continue reading “Desiring a Doula”

The Birth Plan – Breastfeeding and Beyond

Most of my readers, I assume, are already breastfeeding mothers.  I would love your help and advice on this post’s topic! Did you write a birth plan? I plan on writing one.  I am having a hospital birth because the waiting lists for midwives is long and lonely in Montreal (to be fair, we just … Continue reading “The Birth Plan – Breastfeeding and Beyond”

Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll

I had never seen such dolls before: breastfeeding dolls (the newborn or toddler attaches to his mother’s breast with velcro or a snap fastener, some are actually really cute waldorf style dolls, see below) birthing dolls (the newborn can get in and out of the mother’s womb, probably a very good way to show a … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll”