A Breastfeeding Wardrobe: the 5 Essentials

Must-haves for the breastfeeding mama A new mother is already perfectly equipped for breastfeeding.  All she really needs is her body, baby, perseverance and the phone number of a great lactation consultant.  But there are some things that a breastfeeding mother deserves!  Feeling comfortable and confident breastfeeding anywhere is one of those things.  We have … Continue reading “A Breastfeeding Wardrobe: the 5 Essentials”

It’s time to dress up, it’s Holiday season!

  Hurray! The frenzy of Custom Orthotics and the holiday season is finally here! You’ll soon be planning parties and  thinking about the best gifts that are sure to please your special someone. Sure it seems like the same holiday season as years before…except one thing: Now you’rebreastfeeding mom! 🙂   You think about how … Continue reading “It’s time to dress up, it’s Holiday season!”