Breastfeeding see, Breastfeeding do!

First of all, hello again!  I blinked and suddenly I have a nine month old son and an entire summer and fall without a blog post!  But I am back and plan to keep this space updated on all things breastfeeding and Momzelle 🙂 My daughter has grown into the role of big sister just … Continue reading “Breastfeeding see, Breastfeeding do!”

Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll

I had never seen such dolls before: breastfeeding dolls (the newborn or toddler attaches to his mother’s breast with velcro or a snap fastener, some are actually really cute waldorf style dolls, see below) birthing dolls (the newborn can get in and out of the mother’s womb, probably a very good way to show a … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll”