Bonding with a Breastfed Baby – How Fathers Do It

Breastfeeding is one of the most bonding parts of motherhood.  We get all the perks of extra cuddles, being a sense of comfort and that special bond with our new (and older) babies.  One of the most discouraging myths for new parents is that basically partners of a breastfeeding mom are despised by newborns and … Continue reading “Bonding with a Breastfed Baby – How Fathers Do It”

Breastfeeding and Dads

My anticipation for breastfeeding is quite high.  I am fifteen weeks pregnant and just rearing to go!  I was having a discussion with my husband the other day and he was worried about how long my mother would be staying with us when the baby was born.  He is worried his opportunities to bond with … Continue reading “Breastfeeding and Dads”