How to Handle Back Pain After Having a Baby

Post-Pregnancy Back Pain Pregnancy, while magical in many ways, can also be extremely exhausting. From swollen limbs and bloating to back pain and nausea, there are a dozen other side effects that can make the process uncomfortable even for the healthiest of mothers. Achy limbs and back pain are very common, and about 50% of … Continue reading “How to Handle Back Pain After Having a Baby”

Natural Ways to Boost Breast Milk Supply

Natural Ways to Boost Milk Production There is always something to worry about as a new mom. Whether it is the baby not sleeping enough or crying “more than usual” and more importantly you think he is not getting enough milk. While excessive crying and sleeping issues might require you to talk to a professional, … Continue reading “Natural Ways to Boost Breast Milk Supply”

Romance for the New Mom – Valentine’s Day Re-Invented

The top five romantic gestures a new mom deserves this Valentine’s Day (and any other day of the year, too!) Ok, partners, your wife/girlfriend/spouse has grown, birthed and nourished a baby recently, here are a few ways to let her know you see her and appreciate her in this foggy, soggy and sleepy phase of … Continue reading “Romance for the New Mom – Valentine’s Day Re-Invented”