My Favourite Online Breastfeeding Lifelines

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival! This post was written as part of the Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is about websites that helped you … Continue reading “My Favourite Online Breastfeeding Lifelines”

A Breastfeeding Valentine’s Day

Last year on Valentine’s Day I was 41 weeks pregnant and in the very, very early stages of labour.  The 14th of February, 2012 was the last night we were a family of two. I won’t lie, it’s not been a very “romantic” year!  We are exhausted and in love with a whole new being. … Continue reading “A Breastfeeding Valentine’s Day”

My Breastfeeding Journey: Night Feedings

So, is she sleeping through the night yet? That is not my favourite question!  Especially since most well-intentioned askers aren’t aware that the technical definition of sleeping through the night for a baby is a five hour long stretch and really want to know if she is sleeping all night long.  My daughter is five … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Night Feedings”

Happy Father’s Day!

“Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!!” ~ Philip Whitmore Sr It has been a wonderful four months watching my husband in his new role as a father.  He has truly impressed me, even though I had a sneaking suspicion when I married him that he … Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day!”

Breastfeeding at a Wedding

Babies and weddings, not exactly a popular combination! I would say it fits somewhere between walking onto an airplane with a baby and asking for a high chair at a steakhouse. Last month we attended a wedding with our three month old daughter.  I will admit to all kinds of anxiety as we walked into … Continue reading “Breastfeeding at a Wedding”

The Breastfeeding Tourist

Last weekend we were in Ottawa for a friend’s wedding.  Here is my daughter and I breastfeeding on the lawn in front of parliament. Have you travelled while breastfeeding?  Where is the most interesting place you have nursed your child? Feel free to share your photos on our facebook page!

My Breastfeeding Journey: Out and About

I had told myself all through my pregnancy that I would not be confined to the house once my little one arrived.  Don’t get me wrong, I also told myself to take it super easy and slow, recover, get to know my baby and give myself nothing to do other than fulfill my daughter’s needs! … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Out and About”

My Breastfeeding Journey: Getting comfortable

My first child will be four weeks old this week.  It sure is going fast (except the nights, funny how that works).  We have conquered the cracked nipples and improper latch, my next challenge was getting comfortable. Finding a comfortable position didn’t take me too long.  I have set myself up, almost permanently, on the … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Getting comfortable”

Creative ways to induce labour

I want to avoid a hospital induction.  I’m due in nine weeks with my first child.  At the hospital I am going to have the baby at, the policy is to induce at 41 weeks and 3 days.  Considering that most first time moms are at least a week overdue, I am already thinking about … Continue reading “Creative ways to induce labour”

How “crunchy” am I?

As I get further along in my pregnancy (five months now!) and further along at my new job as a blogger of breastfeeding and other mom things, I keep coming across the term “crunchy mom”.  I like the idea of being “crunchy”, from what I understand of it. Here is one definition I found at … Continue reading “How “crunchy” am I?”