Cool breastfeeding video

This video used to be on the previous version of Momzelle’s website and I am really sad it is not there anymore. It is such an amazing and nice video promoting breastfeeding, I thought I’d share it with you here. Enjoy ! [youtube=]

Momzelle now has a picture gallery of breastfeeding moms

That’s it ! Our new website is on. It is not perfect, that’s for sure (one of the main problems being that the shopping cart empties when you click outside of the shopping window), but we are very proud to have a new section with photos of moms wearing Momzelle nursing tops.  They are beautiful … Continue reading “Momzelle now has a picture gallery of breastfeeding moms”

Fake women nursing in public

  Marin County in California is the stage of a new campaign promoting breastfeeding in public. Life size photographs of women breastfeeding their child are posted in public spaces, catching the eye of passers by. The idea is that people should not be surprised by seeing women nursing their child in public, as it is … Continue reading “Fake women nursing in public”

Nursing in an Hello Kitty maternity

  Lucky Taiwan mothers ;), you can now give birth in a Hello Kitty maternity in Yuanlin ! The hospital, spread on 4 floors, was built in 2006 and claims to be the only one that has received Sanrio’s autorization to use his well known character Hello Kitty. From the waiting room where you can … Continue reading “Nursing in an Hello Kitty maternity”

How to obtain an article in the National Post

Become a Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) entrepreneur ! The National Post features small business owners every week, and once a month it is an entrepreneur that benefits from the CYBF program that is under the spotlight. This January, it is Momzelle ( owners and siblings Vincent and Christine Poirier (me!) who are featured. To read … Continue reading “How to obtain an article in the National Post”

The New Yorker writes about pumping milk

Why would mothers want to pump their milk ?, asks Jil Lepore in today’s New Yorker article ( It may seem weird to give expressed human milk in a bottle (or spoon/cup), but it is really the second best option after giving breastmilk directly from the breast.  And what’s the third best option ? Giving expressed human milk from … Continue reading “The New Yorker writes about pumping milk”

A new face for Momzelle

Hello All, Momzelle will soon have a new look, as we are working on a new version of our website ( There will be more space, more air to breathe, and oh-what-fun a new page filled with pictures of real moms wearing Momzelle designs.  Hopefully the new version will be up and running in January. One thing … Continue reading “A new face for Momzelle”