Momzelle is hiring!

– OFFRE D’EMPLOI – (English below)   Le 8 janvier 2018 Responsable du service à la clientèle Momzelle ( est une marque de vêtements d’allaitement qui a pour mission d’aider les mères à se sentir bien avec l’allaitement en public.  Les vêtements que nous créons sont vendus en ligne, à travers un réseau de détaillants … Continue reading “Momzelle is hiring!”

Hilarious Nursing Top Reviews!

Five Star Reviews to make you smile ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ We have over 5000  five star reviews on our maternity and nursing clothing!  Here are the funniest ones! The Seamless Nursing Bra LOVE THIS NURSING BRA!  It’s the equivalent to yoga pants…for your boobs! Sincerely, Cluster feeding 24/7 mom – Alison     The Nursing Top MOLLY … Continue reading “Hilarious Nursing Top Reviews!”

Adorable (and Simple!) Babywearing Halloween Costumes!

Trick or treating is for the whole family! Don’t just bring baby along, include them in the fun. Here are some of the best babywearing costume ideas: Beekeeper and Bee Monkey in a Tree Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf (seen on Pinterest) Popcorn! Spider and its Web Eggs and Bacon (seen … Continue reading “Adorable (and Simple!) Babywearing Halloween Costumes!”

A Breastfeeding Wardrobe: the 5 Essentials

Must-haves for the breastfeeding mama A new mother is already perfectly equipped for breastfeeding.  All she really needs is her body, baby, perseverance and the phone number of a great lactation consultant.  But there are some things that a breastfeeding mother deserves!  Feeling comfortable and confident breastfeeding anywhere is one of those things.  We have … Continue reading “A Breastfeeding Wardrobe: the 5 Essentials”

Big Latch On 2017

What is the Big Latch On? It is a celebration held annually over two days during World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st – 7th).  This year the Big Latch On takes place on August 4th and 5th.  It is an event that aims to protect, promote & support breastfeeding families. It endeavors to do this by: Providing … Continue reading “Big Latch On 2017”

Mom and Baby Yoga: Why Should You Start Yoga Practicing?

After 40 long weeks of pregnancy, you are rewarded with an adorable baby to love. But, the arrival of a new baby also comes with a few growing pains, namely getting used to a new schedule. Taking care of baby leaves you with few precious minutes for anything else, much less exercise. And, even if … Continue reading “Mom and Baby Yoga: Why Should You Start Yoga Practicing?”

Starting A Family: 5 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

Parenting can be rewarding. It can also bring joy to your life. However, any parent will tell you that being a mom or dad is not as easy as it seems. There are several things that many parents wish they would have known before they became parents. Getting Pregnant may not be Easy It is … Continue reading “Starting A Family: 5 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Having Kids”

Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

Did you see those beautiful rays of sunshine ? The return of warm weather inspires us to get out our most beautiful shirts, especially our beautiful dresses that have been sleeping in the back of the closet. Here at Momzelle, we have also been inspired by the beautiful weather and warmth has invaded our spring-summer … Continue reading “Spring-Summer 2017 Collection”

4 Tips for Having a Rocking Wardrobe While Breastfeeding

A woman’s body experiences so many dramatic changes through the course of a pregnancy. Between stretch marks, swollen ligaments and morning sickness, a woman usually endures some serious inconveniences for the sake of having a healthy child. Once the baby arrives, the mother’s body doesn’t stop being a vessel and resource for the baby. Unless … Continue reading “4 Tips for Having a Rocking Wardrobe While Breastfeeding”

Moms Matter: Why Breastfeeding is So Important for Your Baby

This guest post is written by Hannah Whittenly. She is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. The evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, indicates that breastfeeding is something you should do as a mother if you can. Of course, you would need to … Continue reading “Moms Matter: Why Breastfeeding is So Important for Your Baby”