Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

I have decided that once a week (let’s see how long this will last !), I would post a breastfeeding quote here. Monday seems like a good day for that, as we all need a little boost for the week. So here is a quote from Gabrielle Palmer, the author of the Politics of Breastfeeding: … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote”

How to please a breastfeeding mom

Smile and tell her that you find breastfeeding beautiful ! Let me tell you, it will make her day.  Here is a comment from a mom, found in a discussion about breastfeeding in public : “It is amazing what a difference a positive comment or smile can make. I still remember the first time I … Continue reading “How to please a breastfeeding mom”

World Breastfeeding Week : Saving babies’ lives

It is now World Breastfeeding Week ! It started on August 1rst and it is on until the 7th. This year’s theme is breastfeeding as a vital emergency response. Watch this UNICEF video about how breastfeeding is really far superior to formula when comes an emergency (especially when finding clean water becomes a challenge): Breastfeeding: … Continue reading “World Breastfeeding Week : Saving babies’ lives”

Best for Babes : promoting breastfeeding in a trendy way

I love this ad by the Best for Babes foundation and most of all I like the positive message it sends to mothers and mothers to be. It can be found within the pages of Fit Pregnancy magazine this month (June 2009 issue). Here is what the co-founders, Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg, of this … Continue reading “Best for Babes : promoting breastfeeding in a trendy way”

Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll

I had never seen such dolls before: breastfeeding dolls (the newborn or toddler attaches to his mother’s breast with velcro or a snap fastener, some are actually really cute waldorf style dolls, see below) birthing dolls (the newborn can get in and out of the mother’s womb, probably a very good way to show a … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Dolls: Not Your Typical Barbie Doll”