What to eat when breastfeeding

Many new mothers wonder if they should follow a special diet while they are breastfeeding. The good news is that you probably don’t need to make any major changes to what you eat or drink during this time. Just remember:  A well-balanced diet is important for your health One of the wonders of breast milk is that … Continue reading “What to eat when breastfeeding”

Nursing tip from a Momzelle customer

I hope lots of you enjoyed wearing your Momzelle nursing tops at your Easter family reunions. Here is a tip that a very kind Momzelle customer sent me by email this morning. She has been going to a breastfeeding clinic with her newborn and the lactation consultants there really liked her Momzelle nursing top. So … Continue reading “Nursing tip from a Momzelle customer”

Ressources pour l’allaitement – Québec et ses environs

Pour celles qui sont dans la région de Québec (c’est de là que mon frère Vincent et moi, les fondateurs de Momzelle, sommes natifs – pour être plus précis nous sommes de Cap-Santé), voici une liste de ressources pour l’allaitement. Je ne saurais trop conseiller les formations sur l’allaitement en cours de grossesse. Elles permettent … Continue reading “Ressources pour l’allaitement – Québec et ses environs”

5 Tips for a Great Breastfeeding Start

Start Early Get as much skin to skin contact with your baby as you can. Delay unnecessary procedures that may interfere with the first breastfeeding, and get your baby at your breast within the first half hour after birth – the baby may even self attach if you let him do so ! Have frequent, unrestricted … Continue reading “5 Tips for a Great Breastfeeding Start”

Ressources pour l’allaitement: Montréal et ses environs

Voici une liste de ressources pour l’allaitement dans la région de Montréal. J’espère que ces ressources sauront vous être utiles ! Tous les liens fonctionnent, et les informations ont été mises à jour le 1er mai 2009. Mon conseil: si vous sentez que les conseils que vous recevez ne vous sont pas utiles, allez cognez … Continue reading “Ressources pour l’allaitement: Montréal et ses environs”

Breastfeeding Resources – In and Around Toronto

This is an updated list of breastfeeding resources that I had prepared for the Toronto Baby and Toddler Show in 2008. I will do my best to make it more complete as time goes by but there should be enough here to get you started. I had also prepared lists for Montreal and Quebec city, … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Resources – In and Around Toronto”