Cafe owner bans breastfeeding!

“Breastfeeding … use a cloth or something to cover yourself or you will be refused service or asked to leave,” the sign read.

A lesson in human rights and the power of social media

Within days, there were hundreds of comments on the cafe’s facebook page denouncing the sign.  The owner quickly took it down and has apologized.  He says he put it up because other customers complained and according to the CBC, he admitted he too is uncomfortable with seeing women’s bare chests.

breastfeeding rights cartoon

“It is not that I’m disrespectful to women, it’s actually the opposite. I prefer to see my customers with their clothes on.

“It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a man or a woman,” he told CBC reporter Wil Fundal.

Read more about the incident here

Momzelle nursing clothes

A woman’s right to breastfeed anywhere is protected federally by the Canadian Charter of rights and each province has their human rights code stating breastfeeding in public is allowed.  This owner cannot refuse service to a woman for breastfeeding!! Just the idea that he and some of his customers find it somehow lewd and inappropriate is shocking.

It is quite sad that in 2017 women are still facing scrutiny and judgement for breastfeeding their child.

Breastfeeding my daughter at Costco. No one complained!

I breastfed my children for a total of nearly 4 years, everywhere and anywhere, and I never had a single negative incident. I hesitate to bring attention to negative incidents and ignorance, but I hope every new mother out there sees how quickly these actions were denounced.  It is also important that we feel secure knowing that the law is on our side. Mothers deserve to feel welcomed!