Preparing you kitchen for your baby’s arrival

This is a guest post by Biance Stephans from Bianca’s Home Design. She has a lot of instinct for talents and everything that’s good taste. 



Preparing your house for your baby’s arrival is an important step. You have to make sure you don’t forget to prepare this room, otherwise, your baby will surely find that spot you forgot to baby proof. This being said, the kitchen is one of the rooms on which you should focus most of your time. Even if this task might seem really hard, take it step by step and you will be done within a day. Here are a few tricks to avoid getting lost in it.



  1. Don’t install safety locks only

Locking the cabinet doors with items like these is essential. Sadly, kids sometimes find a way to unlock these safety locks sold at large retail stores. We should make sure that the content of the cabinet is also baby proof. For example, you could purchase hard to open products or even storage bins that will make it even harder for kids.


  1. Life habits

This isn’t a secret for anyone: your first child changes considerably your life habits. Upon his arrival, you should watch out for a few of your habits. For example, don’t let objects near the edge of counters or don’t leave drinks or hot plates at their reach. From leaving the dishwasher open to leaving garbage bags near the ground, you should change a few things in your routine.


  1. Install a safe playing area

Cooking is a task that can take quite some time so it’s important to plan a space for your kid to play in safely in the kitchen. It’s not always easy to find enough place for this purpose, but you can always decide to makeover your kitchen with professionnals that can help you maximise your space accordingly to your needs. You could take this opportunity to plan a comfortable space for breastfeeding and a pantry specifically for your tools, because, sometimes you will have to breastfeed without leaving the kitchen so you will then have an additional peace of mind knowing you have everything you need at reach.


  1. Avoid chocking hazards

I recently discovered a great rule: if the object can fit in a toilet paper roll, it’s a chocking hazard. So be careful with items like magnets that you can place on top of the fridge, all small decorations, pens and pencils that are usually everywhere in the kitchen should be out of reach. If you want to learn more about this particular subject, I suggest you read this article.


  1. Keep it clean!

The last advice I can give you is pretty simple: keep the kitchen clean! Your kid will find everything and will want to put all of these things in his/her mouth. Take special care of this room in your house and, even more, everything surrounding the garbage can. You could even change your garbage can for one that is taller and doesn’t open with a pedal.


To conclude, you shouldn’t take any chance when it comes to your child’s safety. This list is far from being a complete list, but these tricks are a great start to prepare your house for your new occupant. Now that your kitchen is ready, head to our recipes for breastfeeding families page to start enjoying you safe cooking environment.

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