Bonding with a Breastfed Baby – How Fathers Do It

Breastfeeding is one of the most bonding parts of motherhood.  We get all the perks of extra cuddles, being a sense of comfort and that special bond with our new (and older) babies.  One of the most discouraging myths for new parents is that basically partners of a breastfeeding mom are despised by newborns and will have to wait until the toddler years to really bond with their child.  With a little effort, father’s can feel close and bonded with their little ones and the new mama.

We recently asked our Facebook community how their partners bonded with their newborn baby.  We had a great response.  It is so wonderful to see the different ways men share in the bond during these precious early years.  This Father’s Day we want to give a shout out to all the supportive, encouraging, engaged papas out there!

Here are some of our favourite responses:

Sometimes I would nurse our son to sleep and then transfer him over to my husbands chest to do skin to skin and bond. He would help correct our sons latch on occasion and change diapers. Help with keeping me hydrated always making sure when I nursed I had a cold drink within easy reach.
– Rachel S.

My hubby loved to recline on the couch and have the babies sleep on his chest. He said that was his favorite part of the baby stage
– Lizann S.

Our baby loves the water so it’s daddy who gives the bath and shares that moment with him.
– Valerie M.

He burped her, skin-to-skin, give the bath (she loves it), takes her on walks, babywearing.
– Marie-Pier J.

Papa is a pro at getting baby to sleep!  He always gets the baby to sleep, when the breast doesn’t 🙂
– Marie-Michèle D.

We recently took a family holiday and my husband did a good portion of the baby wearing while we toured around. He commented that he felt as though he really got to know the baby from having him so close for a big chunk of the day!
– Stephanie W.


Co-founder of Momzelle, bonding with his baby :)
Co-founder of Momzelle, Vincent, bonding with his baby 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!!


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  1. My partner totally feels bonded with our 8 month old who has been exclusively breastfed. He did a lot of skin to skin and does bath times with our little boy. It is definitely a myth that breastfeeding deprives fathers of that valuable bond! This is a great article.x

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