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The following is a guest post from Momzelle mama, Natalie.  We always love to hear and share real life breastfeeding journeys.  If you want to share yours, please email

I took a class at my local hospital and researched online about breastfeeding while I was still pregnant. I studied the information and tried to prepare myself. But I really had no idea what a complete lifestyle change it would be, in addition to adjusting to being a new parent. I did not expect how it felt to have my chest exposed more often than not.  Because my husband has been deployed with the military overseas since my son was a month old, I have relied on help from my mother (who had breastfed me and my brother) and support from family and friends. I feel like I have encountered every problem; engorgement, lumps, cracked nipples, soreness, and oversupply.  I have used books, websites, family members with experience, and a local support group to help solve each of these problems so that I could move forward with nursing my baby.
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My goal is to breastfeed for at least one year and possibly beyond. I know it is one of the best things that I can do for my baby despite the many challenges we have faced. I love the bond that we have through breastfeeding and that I can still comfort him with nursing when I need to.  It has been a challenging journey at times, but I feel confident that I made the right choice to breastfeed my son.

He is currently just over 10 months old. He still nurses several times a day and sometimes overnight, in addition to eating some solid food during the day.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during your breastfeeding journey?  And how did you overcome them?
What are your personal breastfeeding goals?


Check out these websites to help solve some common breastfeeding obstacles:

Dr Jack Newman
La Leche League

Or find a lactation consultant near you!!  They are amazing 🙂




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  1. Great blog! Thank you for sharing your breastfeeding journey. I am an avid nursing mom, as well. My baby is five months old. My sister and I have come up with a line of organic cotton nursing scarves. If you are ever interested in doing a giveaway or a review, please contact me.

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