The Best Breastfeeding Advice from Breastfeeding Mothers


The Best Breastfeeding Advice

We did a flash giveaway on our Facebook page this week and, to enter, we asked mama’s to tell us the best piece of breastfeeding advice they have ever received.  There was only one lucky winner, but a marvelous thread of over 80 pearls of wisdom, words of encouragement and supportive advice was created for all!

Here are some of my favourites:

“don’t give up on your hardest day”

“The best advice I ever got was to talk to other moms. There is a huge range of “normal” and so many different tips and techniques and talking to other moms not only gave me new ideas, it helped me feel empowered”.

“The best advice I ever got, surprisingly was from my husband. I was frustrated at the beginning, forgetting he was a baby and this was new to him too and my husband encouraged me daily and told me “just don’t give up, never give up and he will get it and you’ll feel so good that you hung in there”.

“Watch your baby, not the clock

“Keep at it and get help from a lactation consultant if you’re ever in doubt!”

“Best advice was do what feels right. Don’t worry about statistics or what other people (or their babies) are doing it. You are a mom. You got this.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask early. Whether it is from your partner, lactation consultant – ask for help even if it is something as small as a glass of water and a snack while nursing.”

From my Mom a few weeks in as I sank my sore boobs in the tub and told her I didn’t know if I could do it: “Every day you breastfeed is one more you managed to provide.”
Taught me to remember what I had achieved instead of worrying about what lay ahead. Very important for an anxious new Mom. 11 months in and still going strong!”

“No such thing as breastfeeding too much.”

Relax and keep hydrated. Also make sure mom eats too”

“Do what works for you and your family”

“Believe in you and your baby, you’re a team!”

It was so hard to not put 86 quotes in this post!!  So many wise words. Thanks for sharing, Mamas!  I will leave you with this little gem…

“If someone gives you grief for BFing in public, squirt milk in their eye, bam!!!! Ok, I totally made that up but that’s my plan if it ever happens ; )”

What is the best breastfeeding advice you ever received?


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