Breastfeeding Goddesses Giveaway – book and nursing wear!

Oh I’m so excited! Just one tiny week until the stunning book, Breastfeeding Goddesses by Ivette Ivens, is finally available (Dec.17th)!  We are so thrilled to help celebrate the release of the book by giving away, not one, but two copies!!

by Ivette Ivens Photography

With 132, full colour pages of beautiful images of mothers nurturing and feeding their children, this book is a must have this holiday season for every nursing mama!

Just so beautiful! by Ivette Ivens, of course.
Just so beautiful! by Ivette Ivens, of course.

And of course, we would love to add style and comfort to your breastfeeding journey so we’ve paired each book with a $50 Momzelle gift card.

Good Luck!!

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71 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Goddesses Giveaway – book and nursing wear!”

  1. Mostly at home while I snuggle with my sweet December newborn, but also while we are out and about shopping for the last few gifts on our list!

  2. This holiday season I will be breastfeeding everywhere. At family parties. Santa Fest. Movies. Shopping malls. Whenever and wherever he wants.

  3. I wear my momzelle tops everywhere and everyday! I’ll be nursing everywhere as I’m a mom of 3 and we are out and about much for the holidays.

  4. I’ll be breastfeeding near the fireplace and Christmas tree at my husband’s parents home. They have been very supportive of me breastfeeding in general however they are British and quite proper so having the cover of your nursing tops has been a huge blessing.

  5. I’ll be nursing my 15 month old toddler at my parents house, where we are celebrating Christmas with the whole gang!

    I love reading during late night nursing sessions – and desperately need to build a nursing wardrobe that allows me to feed my new baby (due March 2016!) when home and pump now that I’m back at work.

  6. Oops, didn’t read the question first. Where will I be nursing this holiday season? Where ever we happen to be. At home. At friends and relatives houses. Shopping.

  7. Je vais le faire au moment venu, peut importe le lieu. Mais bon, c’est quand même agréable de le faire sur le fauteuil en cuir devant le foyer de mes parents. Espérons que de joyeux flocons accompagneront le spectacle!

  8. I know I will be breastfeeding my 7 month old at holiday parties! With so much stimulation he’ll need to re-center and relax with me at least a few times! (He might get hungry too! 😉 )

  9. I breastfeed my 15 month whenever wherever 🙂 we will be nursing at church, at our grandparents, and at my in laws this Christmas!

  10. Everywhere! We love Momzelle shirts for on the go in our baby wraps. I can nurse discretely and have both hands free to chase after my older kiddos!

  11. I am so blessed to finally have a baby that will breastfeed. My older children were never able to latch so I pumped. Now I am able to nurse on demand and do so proudly. I have been breastfeeding while shopping for the holiday and will do it at family functions 🙂 I will breastfeed where ever I am when my son is hungry.

  12. Everywhere. I have a nursing drape that is huge and makes me feel comfortable anywhere at any time. My little one gets excited when she sees my drape. She knows it means food is coming. 🙂

  13. I’ll be breastfeeding my little guy everywhere! We always travel for the holidays and I’m so pleased to be able to “bring” his nourishment with us. I’d love a Momzelle shirt to ease in breastfeeding, since we don’t use those crazy blanket-type covers!

  14. I’ll be constantly nursing on-the-go this holiday season, two full weeks starting before Christmas and extending to after New Year’s. Nervous about doing it in restaurants, friends’ and relatives’ homes but have received lots of positive encouragements from nursing mommy friends. Hope the little guy works with me for a smooth and nutritious trip!

  15. I will be breastfeeding across the state (Indiana) as we travel to visit different sides of the family. Just recently breastfed from Indiana to Florida for Thanksgiving- of course including “in air!”

  16. Any time, any where, on demand! My 8 month old and I need some new tops and dresses. I’ve been wearing the same ones since our DD was nursing 4 Years ago!

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