Nursing Anywhere – Momzelle Mamas Normalizing Breastfeeding


#Momzelle – Breastfeeding anywhere and everywhere you have the right to be!

We just love to see our nursing clothes in action.  This week we had lots of awesome Momzelle mamas sharing photos on our Facebook page.  Here they are in case you missed them 🙂

Brunch! “As you might guess, I live in your dresses!”, Mama Shannon has the Suzy and Elena nursing dresses, in lots of colours 🙂




Mama Pamela, pumpkin picking with her little one 🙂
momzelle mama hockey game
Baby’s first NHL game! Mama Lisa nursing in the Charlie dress
momzelle mama restaurant
Mama Lisa and little one at lunch.
momzelle mama playroom
Mama Suzanne and her little one
Mama Sascha, with her nursing necklace and little one!
















We want all mamas to feel confident and comfortable nursing their little ones, anywhere and everywhere!  Keep calm and latch on!

Share a photo breastfeeding in your Momzelle clothes! #momzelle and email us the link (  We will send you a thank you code 😉

Find more awesome Momzelle mamas nursing in public on our Instagram.

Where have you nursed your little one lately?

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