New Fall Collection Contest!


My Personalised Hoodies New Fall line of nursing dresses and tops has arrived!  Tell us which is your favourite and you could win it!


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We have brand new nursing dresses and long sleeves, as well as new colours in our classic hoodie, Rachel and Audrey tops!


Click on the photo to see colour options.


Comment below, telling us which is your favourite new style and colour and you will be entered into a draw to win the nursing top or dress of your choice.  We will randomly pick a winner on Monday August 31st at 10am.  Good luck!
Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Rachel. Thank you to everyone that entered!

135 thoughts on “New Fall Collection Contest!”

  1. Baby and I love our Momzelle tops (well, baby probably doesn’t care, as long as he can get to the milk)! Noemy in deep teal or the hoodie in navy blue.

  2. Momzelle tops make my life so much easier! They allow me to nurse modestly – especially around my in-laws, who are from Iran. I own 5 tops and they are the only tops I wear every. single. day. I need to do some fall shopping and I LOVE the Charlie nursing dress, the heather grey is gorgeous. The nursing hoodies are great too – I wish I had, had one last week when I was camping with my 2 month old. It would have made nursing a little less chilly! Thanks for making such awesome clothes, they are a lifesaver!

  3. I just bought the Elena dress! I can’t wait until it comes in the mail! I’m a bit of a Momzelle addict! I love the comfort and fit of your tops and wear them every single day! I just bought the new Sarah top too…Loving that these new pieces look a little more trendy!

    I love the Charlie dress…blue or gray it looks beautiful!

    Can we expect pajamas soon? 😉 In the winter I wore my shirts 24/7 because I hated lifting my regular pajama tops up in the middle of the night! Chilly!

  4. Elena nursing dress in sapphire and Rachel nursing top in orchid! Absolutely love momzelle clothing! Wear them them all the time!! It makes it soo much easier to breastfeed anywhere!

  5. I love, love the Charlie long sleeve dress in grey! I’ve been looking for something like this dress b/c it’s modest and stylish 🙂

  6. I absolutely love the Rachel Nursing Top in Steel Blue! It looks really flattering and like it would go with anything!

  7. Loooove the Charlie nursing dress is navy blue! I have 4 of your shirts and they’re literally all I wear when I go out with babe. Makes nursing so easy and discreet! I recommend Momzelle to all my mom friends!

  8. Love the Cindy top in navy! Momzelle is my go-to clothing company. 23 months into our nursing journey and still my favourite items to wear.

  9. Love the Charlie dress in both colors! I am super in love with my momzelle tops and I’m gifting two at baby showers soon!

  10. Am I still nursing? Why, yes, around the clock actually… Do I need Cindy in my life? ABSOLUTELY! In black I think… Or navy.. or both!

  11. Oh my gosh! They’re all so classy and sophisticated! Can’t decide! I definitely like Charlie in Heather Grey and Audrey in Graphite (only because I already have other tops in the beautiful jewel tones of Deep Teal and Deep Sea Blue)…

    I LOVE Momzelle tops! Not just because they’re great for discrete nursing, but also because they allow for easy nursing access when I’m wearing my baby in our woven wrap. Love that I don’t have to fidget around in order to lift my entire shirt when baby is wrapped to me.

  12. I love the Charlie dress and love both colour options!! It’s really beautiful. I have worn your tops and dresses so much! It’s great to have such pretty options and to be able to wear a dress while I’m nursing.

  13. Mon vêtement préféré est la robe Charlie en marine. Pour l’avoir essayée, cette robe est simplement parfaite! Confortable, ouverture facile pour l’allaitement et surtout ultra féminine. Je l’adore!

  14. I love the Rachel nursing top in Orchid! I have 5 Momzelle nursing tops & don’t leave home without one on! Nursing my baby everywhere I go. These shirts look like regular every day shirts but have a hidden secret panel that no one knows about until I nurse my baby & it’s so discreet! <3

  15. The hoodie in turquoise is the perfect punch of color for a fall day. Working full time as a guidance counselor, this hoodie is cheerful enough to wear to football games and classy enough to wear in the classroom. Thanks, Momzelle!

  16. Le haut d’allaitement à capuchon serait parfait pour moi cet hiver. Allaitant toujours mon petit homme et cherchant le confort quoi demander de mieux. Je choisirais la couleur turquoise car s’est l’une des teinte qui me va le mieux. J’adore déjà les vêtements de vos suis propriétaire de quelques-uns déjà.
    Longue vie à votre belle compagnie.

  17. Non préféré est le merveilleux hoodie turquoise. Parfait pour les journées fraîches d’automne ou pour participer à la cueillette de pommes annuelle avec la famille tout en allaitant, avec un look d’enfer 😀

  18. J’aimerais bien essayer le haut d’allaitement capuchon!
    En plus d’avoir une belle couleur, il doit être facile d’accès pour l’allaitement

  19. J’irais bien pour le haut capuchon, en plus bleu turquoise ça donne plus de punch que tous les rose-mauve et c’est moins terne que le gris.

  20. I LOVE the new Charlie dress in grey. I have four other Momzelle dresses (Adele and Lily) which I live in as well as several tops. It’s nice to see a dress with a more form fitting silhouette as well as long sleeves; perfect for the cooler fall weather. I would wear it even if I wasn’t nursing!

  21. J’aime beaucoup le classique haut à capuchon, qui se porte facilement en toute occasion. L’ouverture est discrète et permet d’allaiter n’importe où et n’importe quand.

  22. I love the Hoodie in turquoise (although all the colours are great!) !! It looks so comfy and great for fall, and super practical too!! Hope to hear from you soon!! 🙂

  23. Love love monzelle clothes! Recommend them to all my preg and nursing friends!!

    I live the new turquoise hoodie so much!!

  24. Le haut d’allaitement NOEMY. Le tissus est merveilleux et le style est remarquable. Il passe aussi bien pour une soirée entre amis (et bébé!) que pour une journée à la maison. J’adore

  25. The Charlie dress in Navy!
    I am so happy to have found Momzelle for my third/last baby. Stylish nursing clothes (especially) dresses are extremely difficult to find.

  26. I have 5 of your tops and 2 dresses. Love yr material and fit – so easy to just in public in these. I like the Noemy in dark teal 🙂

  27. I love all of the new looks but especially Elena as it looks like it would help hide my “Mum Tum” *wink*
    Great new choices here for Fall! 🙂

  28. I love all of the new looks but especially Elena as it looks like it would help hide my “Mum Tum” *wink*
    And I love it in Black! Great new choices here for Fall! 🙂

  29. I love the new Charlie dress in navy. Looks like a cute and comfy dress for the Fall when out and about with my little guy!

  30. I love the Elena in black! I don’t have many clothes that fit me and work for nursing my 3 month old. I would love to win!!!

  31. Wow pour la robe Charlie! Quel style! Je la veux! Les deux couleurs sont superbes.
    Continuez à nous offrir de belles nouveautés.

    1. Bonjour Marie-Pierre,
      J’ai l’honneur de vous annoncer que vous êtes l’heureuse gagnante de notre concours! Je vous ai envoyé un courriel pour votre choix de vêtement, ainsi que pour avoir l’adresse de livraison.
      Félicitations! 🙂

  32. Wow, je rêve déjà à porter une robe CHARLIE en navy cet automne… J’imagine déjà les multiples façons de l’agencer avec une veste rouge ou en denim, avec ou sans collants, etc! C’est tellement mon style!

  33. Le haut d’allaitement capuchon semble très confortable. Son allure sportive et simple nous donne le goût de le porter souvent!

  34. Le haut d’allaitement CAPUCHON est super ! J’adorerais le porter cet automne, surtout avec cette belle couleur bleu turquoise ! Ça me rappellerait l’été ! 🙂

  35. I love that Charlie nursing dress in Heather grey. It looks beautiful and comfortable, all things you want when you’re nursing a wee one!

  36. I discovered momzelle shirts with my first baby and have used them for each of my subsequent babies! They make nursing so much easier. I love the Charlie dress in grey!

  37. I like the Charlie dress in navy blue. My son loves stripes so when he saw this dress he said, “that one mommy.” I dress to please!

  38. The Charlie dress in navy. Sleeve length and neckline especially. Noemy top in graphite or black very practical.

  39. I love the Elena in Heather Grey. I’m so thankful that I found Momzelle with my 3rd baby. The clothes are flattering and comfortable. They’re perfect for work and play. I wish I had known about this clothing line when I had my first two children.

  40. I love the hoodie in turquoise! I would love to be able to dress All warm and cozy without having to undo a bunch of layers to nurse.

  41. Je craque pour la nouvelle robe d’allaitement Charlie! J’adore le style rayure nautique avec les manches trois-quarts pour l’automne mais encore plus l’ajout de la fermeture éclair au dos, qui ajoute un petit je-ne-sais-quoi! Parfait avec des sandales pour la fin de l’été ou un talon haut pour une soirée. Je porte les vêtements Momzelle pour allaiter en confiance ma petite de 18 mois discrètement lors de nos sorties.

  42. Je suis Charlie! I’ve longed for a dress like Charlie in grey for a long time. I love those stripes! That dress will go with anything and look stunning. I’ve missed wearing outfits like that (from before pregnancy). I am still breastfeeding my two year old and will continue to do so for as long as he wants. Momzelle clothes have come a long way with me, and they’re holding up well under the demand!

  43. Que c’est difficile avoir à en choisir un seul!!!
    Pour cette fois je dirais le haut CAPUCHON, l’automne/l’hiver seront des plus confortables!

  44. J’aime beaucoup le haut RACHEL couleur orchidée. Une couleur super et une coupe avantageuse, que demander de mieux!

  45. WOW la robe d’allaitement Charlie grise est superbe ! Elle semble confortable et enfin on peut être fashion pour allaiter ! Très belle collection ! Une nouvelle marque que je découvre, très contente !

  46. The hoodie in dark Heather grey is so completely my style. It’s my favourite. But me and my 4.5 month old would get great use out of all of it this fall and winter!!

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