Breastfeeding Slows Us Down…In the Best Way Possible


Breastfeeding Past Infancy

As my son quickly approaches his fifteenth month breastfeeding, I am suddenly very aware of how active he is!  He isn’t just walking, he is running to keep up with his older sister.  He is squirming to get out of my arms to play with toys.  He is constantly banging on the pantry door, looking for a snack.  But no matter how busy we get, our little family of four, when my son wants milk, he and I get to slow down.  We curl up on the couch and stop everything else.  We have eye contact and a few smiles.  I am really trying to capture these moments lately, as they seem to be fewer and farther between.

nursing past one year
My son slowing down for a minute 🙂

The first few months of a breastfeeding baby’s life may seem like a non-stop nursing marathon for mama.  We have plenty of opportunity to capture the peaceful moments.  We also have experiences nursing just about anywhere and everywhere as we are out and about and multitasking.  Now that the peaceful moments are more fleeting, I am trying to take the opportunity to capture them while I can.

Momzelle nursing clothes

My favourite moments are when he falls asleep at the breast.  Don’t ask me if I think nursing to sleep is a ‘bad habit’!?!?!  It is probably my favourite parenting tool 🙂

Here is my son in what I like to call ‘the post-boob pass out’ :

My son asleep after breastfeeding

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  1. I agree with breastfeeding as long as you can. My son is still breastfeeding at 10 months. My friends and family thinks that is over doing it, but I do not care what they think as long as my son enjoys it I will continue doing it.

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