Breastfeeding see, Breastfeeding do!


First of all, hello again!  I blinked and suddenly I have a nine month old son and an entire summer and fall without a blog post!  But I am back and plan to keep this space updated on all things breastfeeding and Momzelle 🙂

My daughter has grown into the role of big sister just wonderfully over these last few months.  At first she was a little weary of the tiny creature that moved in and took up so much of her mama’s lap space.  Now she yells “Alex needs mama’s milk” at the first little whimper of her brother (she yells that in French, but we’ll leave our biligual household to another post!)

This summer we finally caught a photo of what every breastfeeding mama waits for… the breastfed to become the breastfeeder 🙂
Adèle nursing baby

Does your little one nurse their babies? Feel free to share with us below!

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