Breastfeeding photos and Kim Kardashian

It’s been all over the internet and even the news, so it is likely that you have seen the recent magazine cover of Kim Kardashian.  As social media girl for Momzelle, I follow lots of wonderful breastfeeding-related Facebook pages and have found this resounding question come up again and again; why is Kim K’s picture … Continue reading “Breastfeeding photos and Kim Kardashian”

New Styles! Fall/Winter Collection is here!

2014 has been a very big year for Momzelle.  We have been working very hard and are finally able to share our big news with everyone!  We are very excited to introduce new styles of nursing wear this fall/winter and the Momzelle nursing bra.  We are famous for our comfortable and casual nursing wear, but … Continue reading “New Styles! Fall/Winter Collection is here!”

Breastfeeding see, Breastfeeding do!

First of all, hello again!  I blinked and suddenly I have a nine month old son and an entire summer and fall without a blog post!  But I am back and plan to keep this space updated on all things breastfeeding and Momzelle 🙂 My daughter has grown into the role of big sister just … Continue reading “Breastfeeding see, Breastfeeding do!”