My Breastfeeding Success

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Overcoming cracked nipples, correcting a poor latch, six months exclusive breastfeeding, reaching the one year mark.  I feel lucky and proud to have attained all the little goals I had set as my daughter and I embarked on our breastfeeding journey.

But the greatest, and perhaps most unexpected, success was the impact of breastfeeding on my perspective as a parent. The bond.  Oh, they talk about the bond, I read about the bond, but until I looked down at my daughter as she nursed, I couldn’t comprehend the bond.  I learned to trust my instincts in all aspects of parenting.  I thank breastfeeding for that.  When something just feels so right…

adele:me smiling2

 The act of breastfeeding facilitated all my favourite things about the first year of motherhood.  All the co-sleeping cuddles, wearing my daughter in a carrier a lot, learning her cues, the emotional and intimate connection to this little being.  Breastfeeding became so commonplace in our daily lives, but it never lost its meaning.  It truly is more than a food source.

What is your biggest breastfeeding success?


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