My Favourite Online Breastfeeding Lifelines

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Breastfeeding and social media support

These are the days of the internet.  And boy, I’m glad I found out about community Facebook pages and Twitter chats as I began my breastfeeding journey.  Through my work as social media girl for Momzelle I was fortunate to discover some great breastfeeding pages.

Previous to getting pregnant, I never thought to join forums or “like” facebook pages for advice or support for any particular issue.  Throughout my pregnancy, as I researched natural birth and breastfeeding, I was pleasantly surprised by how many women reach out to each other through these facets.  I learned so much and felt a part of a very supportive community.

Here are a few of my favourite online breastfeeding lifelines:

The Leaky Boob facebook page: An amazing community of over 100,000 like-minded breastfeeding mamas.  Post a question on the wall and get many different perspectives and experiences to help you make a decision (or just not feel alone!).  I found myself scouring the wall everyday and finding women going through exactly what I was; whether it was cracked nipples, biting, or simply gazing at my nursling in awe.

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Breastfeeding Inc.:  Dr. Jack Newman is an incredibly knowledgable guy!  His website has information on every breastfeeding topic imaginable.  It is an amazing resource and my go to place for breastfeeding trouble-shooting.  My sister went to his clinic in Toronto when she recovered from a nasty case of mastitis and needed guidance and confidence to try breastfeeding again.

Kellymom:  A very thorough and supportive website.  Any time I would doubt breastfeeding on demand or to sleep or past a year, I found myself comforted with evidence-based, relatable and personable advice.

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Following @nancyholtzman and @NurturedChild on Twitter:  Nancy Holtzman and Fleur Bickford are amazing IBCLC’s (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) that tweet breastfeeding related things all day long.  Nancy holds breastfeeding webinars as well as Twitter parties and answers her followers individual questions.  Fleur tweets invaluable advice that promotes secure attachment and a warm, responsive breastfeeding relationship.

There are so many websites, facebook pages and twitter personalities that encourage and inform us about breastfeeding.  What are your favourites?



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