My Favourite Nursing Wear…Of Course!

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I’m not an especially shy person, but when it comes to exposing my breasts,  I am. I have never liked communal showers and change rooms. I always wonder if I am not being discreet enough, if I am staring inappropriately, etc. Please don’t tell, but I avoid them altogether by putting my bathing suit on before leaving the house! That’s easy to do when you only go swimming once a week.

What about nursing my baby? Surely I would not nurse only once a day… If I had planned my day around the feeds, staying at home to nurse because of my level of self-consciousness, I would never have gone out. This was not an option for me. I had decided to breastfeed, and I wanted to be happy and active. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Less than a week after the birth of my child, I designed and sewed a nursing top for my personal use. It looked just like a normal t-shirt, but it allowed me to nurse without showing my belly or having to fully uncover my breasts. It impressed my midwife so much that she told me that I ought to make the tops available for all nursing mothers. I did so a few months later, when I started Momzelle nursing wear with my younger brother Vincent.

christine in momzelle

I nursed my little one for 2 ½ years, everywhere I went. There is no contest, Momzelle nursing tops are the best ones I have ever tried and owned (just a little biased, of course 😉 ). They are practical (no zippers or buttons!), really flattering, they don’t look like “maternity” wear. Wearing a Momzelle nursing top every day allowed me to feel confident and good about my breastfeeding self. I looked no different than anyone else, I did not attract any stares or shy looks, and more importantly, I never had any self-doubts. They allowed me to be myself.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your Momzelle story! I am a HUGE fan of your products. Thank you for sharing your invention and your eye for style with the rest of us. I was so pleased to feature five of your styles in yesterday’s Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival’s guest blog post:

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