Breastfeeding Twins

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Christine’s (co-founder of Momzelle) very dear friend, Marie-Hélène, wrote this wonderful guest post about her experience nursing twins.  

I have four children. Two boys, 6 and 4 years old, breastfed for 6 and 9 months respectively.  I am currently breastfeeding six months old twin babies, a boy and a girl.  Breastfeeding is for me the healthiest and easiest way to feed my babies. When I found out that I was expecting twins, everybody told me that it will be difficult to breastfeed them, that it will be exhausting and that I should consider formula right away. I decided to wait and see.

My twins were born full term and weighted over six pounds each. Luckily, breastfeeding has never been a problem. At first I tried to breastfeed both of them at the same time as much as possible, at least during the day. I have a special nursing pillow designed for twins that is essential  for me (I couldn’t feed both of them without it). Now it is more difficult to do it because they are tall so they don’t fit very well on each side of the pillow, plus they are very active : they hit or scratch each other while being fed!

I would say that breastfeeding twins is not more difficult but it is different. All my children are good eaters so they were breastfed every two hours. With twins, who don’t necessary eat at the same time, it means that I am breastfeeding all the time (even so, I have to supplement with one bottle of formula for my twin boy who wants even more some days!). Going out for a walk or even picking up my boys at school is a challenge, even now that the twins are six months old. There is always one hungry! It was also challenging, and sometimes frustrating, to take care of the other children because I am stuck behind my nursing pillow most of the time.

The first three months, I slept with the twins, to avoid waking up my husband or the boys. It was easier for me to just quickly grab one baby and breastfeed him before he wakes up the other one. And I was very surprised that by the third month, my twins were (almost) sleeping through the night. This was wonderful except that it was difficult for my body to adapt to the heavy demand during the day, and the poor demand during the night (pumping in the middle of the night wasn’t an option for me). I had to face some engorged breast in the morning but by noon it was usually back to normal.

I was also surprised by the calories burned by breastfeeding twins : six months after giving birth I lost all the 60 pounds I gained during the pregnancy and even more, even though I was eating everything I want!

As a mother of four, I feel, some days, like I am doing everything wrong, but breastfeeding is one of the things that makes me proud and happy!


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  1. What a beautiful story! I just heard of a mama expecting twins and she is wondering if and how breastfeeding is going to work out for them. Thank you for sharing your journey – so blessed to have another resource to send and encourage her!

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