10 000 Momzelle Facebook friends $50 gift card giveway!

Wow!  10,000 friends on the Momzelle facebook page!  We think that deserves to be celebrated.  

We are so proud to be a part of a wonderful community of breastfeeding mothers.  Sharing, informing, inspiring and, of course, breastfeeding is what our page is all about!

To say thank you so much to our amazing Momzelle mamas, we are giving away a $50 gift card to momzelle.com.   Just click on the image below to enter in the Rafflecopter draw.

Contest ends June 24th.  Good luck and thank you!

Momzelle nursing wear has reached 10 000 fans! We're having a giveway

16 thoughts on “10 000 Momzelle Facebook friends $50 gift card giveway!”

  1. The most interesting place I’ve ever nursed my daughter was walking through the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico 🙂

  2. I’ve breastfed pretty much everywhere but it is always the most interesting experience at church with a baby who hates to cover and enjoys randomly unlatching as the all male usher board walks around you.

  3. I think the most interesting (or strange…) place I’ve ever breastfed was in a funeral home. My grandmother passed away last year and we flew with my then 2-month old and he was just discombobulated after the travels so was attached to me during the entire wake.

  4. I think the most interesting place I’ve fed my little one was the zoo with my dd and so far the butterfly conservatory with my son!

  5. hello i think its a great gift to get. i am a breastfeeding counselor and every year we have a breastfeeding celebration and i would love to show all my breastfeeding clients all the great ideas and inspirations ya have here. its so great what your website is doing for all moms who are and have breastfed. i am also a former breastfeeding mom of two beautiful babies. So i understand how empowering it is when you are acknowledged for doing a good job when it comes to breastfeeding. thank you for doing the great job your website is doing to encourage us women and mothers..

  6. L’endroit le plus intéressant pour moi fut probablement au défi allaitement au complexe Desjardins en septembre 2006 avec ma fille d’alors 1 mois!! 🙂 Avec mon fils, en attendant l’arrivée de l’autobus de sa grande soeur à une intersection plutôt passante! 😉

  7. Hard to say. I started my breastfeeding journey with nursing a 6 week old in the fabric store. I moved on to nursing a toddler (different child) on the beach in Peru. And now I’m nursing child #3 in all sorts of places in Japan!

  8. The most interesting place I’ve ever breastfed was at Boobiepalooza, a breastfeeding convention show in Los Angeles, where they had a Lactation Lounge for mom’s that need to breastfeed. Being in a room full of breasts, nursing moms, breastfeeding toddlers, tandem nursing, etc. made the act of nursing so public, you’d feel weird NOT breastfeeding!

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