A Breastfeeding Valentine’s Day

Last year on Valentine’s Day I was 41 weeks pregnant and in the very, very early stages of labour.  The 14th of February, 2012 was the last night we were a family of two.

I won’t lie, it’s not been a very “romantic” year!  We are exhausted and in love with a whole new being.  It is definitely nice to have a reminder to celebrate the love that brought said being into this world!

Here’s what I need to make this first Valentine’s day as parents a good one:

1)  A date with the groomer!  A haircut and an eyebrow wax might just convince me to get out of my yoga pants 🙂  Of course, it’s also such a treat to have a little “me time” these days.

2)  A date with the Momzelle drape neck top.  With my freshly shaped brows and split-end free hair, I need an outfit that brings a little sexy back!  And let’s be practical, any shirt that is hard to nurse in doesn’t get worn these days.

3) A date with my husband!!!  Of course, it may have to be a reservation for three…

How are you celebrating Valentine’s day this year?



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