It’s time to dress up, it’s Holiday season!


Hurray! The frenzy of Custom Orthotics and the holiday season is finally here! You’ll soon be planning parties and  thinking about the best gifts that are sure to please your special someone. Sure it seems like the same holiday season as years before…except one thing: Now you’rebreastfeeding mom! 🙂


You think about how to dress your little man or your sweet little princess, but what about you? Do not forget yourself, you deserve something that will make you feel at the top of your game ! Time to sparkle and to dress up!

We have a few wonderful holiday pieces that are sure to make you look as fabulous as you feel! Enjoy!






1. The Flamenco nursing dress: a beautiful empire waist wardrobe piece

   This dress is all about style, elegance and comfort…plus it super easy to breastfeed with its two nursing    openings. It flatters the body,  thanks to the empire waist. That little postpartum belly that we’re all complaining about is hidden by the flamenco drape. The belt goes just under the bust, to highlight the waist.

Finish off the look with a  gorgeous necklace and your favourite pair of shoes.

Available in the super trendy colour blue-green and black, get ready to be complimented and to get everyone’s attention!

Only $72 for the whole month of December 🙂





2. The drape neck blouse

Soft, comfortable and chic, our second suggestion is the draped neck blouse. For Christmas, let’s go poppy red shall we?  You only have to match it with some classic black pants, a sequin skirt or simply with a pair of dark skinny jeans to get a fancy look for that upcoming holiday party.


Fashion tip: to highlight the drape, your necklace shouldn’t be too long.

We suggest silver jewelry for the red fancy top and some gold to go with the black fancy top.

The drape gives access to each breast and like any other Momzelle top, it’s very easy to nurse in. Made from a blend of cotton and modale, the fancy top allows you to move freely and provides a lot of comfort.

Available in long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, and in 4 beautiful colors: electric blue, blue-green, black and poppy red.

And the good news is… This item is reduced by  20% for the month of December!






We wish you a happy Holiday season!


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