Five reasons to join the Momzelle Facebook Page

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Here are five reasons to join the Momzelle facebook page

1)  Community.  Connect with over 7500 breastfeeding mamas; ask questions on our wall, comment on posts, share stories and perspective.

2) Inspiration.  I try my best to post nothing but encouraging, uplifting, optimistic and positive articles, photos and links about breastfeeding.  We all have rough days and need to help each other out! 

3) Breastfeeding Resources.  For those challenges and obstacles that we breastfeeding mothers face, our facebook page has oodles of resources, 7500 mamas!  Also, we follow some other awesome pages and I share their wisdom often!

4) Humour.  Laughter helps us keep perspective, especially during those night feedings!  

5) Relevance.   Momzelle and breastfeeding, that’s all we talk about around here!  Get exclusive deals on our nursing tops and see our latest promotions.  I am currently home on maternity leave, often nursing my nine month old while posting:)  Read more about me here.

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