It’s time to dress up, it’s Holiday season!

  Hurray! The frenzy of Custom Orthotics and the holiday season is finally here! You’ll soon be planning parties and  thinking about the best gifts that are sure to please your special someone. Sure it seems like the same holiday season as years before…except one thing: Now you’rebreastfeeding mom! 🙂   You think about how … Continue reading “It’s time to dress up, it’s Holiday season!”

Five reasons to join the Momzelle Facebook Page

Like us on Facebook! Here are five reasons to join the Momzelle facebook page 1)  Community.  Connect with over 7500 breastfeeding mamas; ask questions on our wall, comment on posts, share stories and perspective. 2) Inspiration.  I try my best to post nothing but encouraging, uplifting, optimistic and positive articles, photos and links about breastfeeding. … Continue reading “Five reasons to join the Momzelle Facebook Page”

Momzelle @Toronto Baby Time Show !

Hello nursing mommies, Each and every year, Momzelle participates at the Baby Time Show in Toronto @ the Metro Toronto Convention Center, and this year is no different! Come say hi, it would be a pleasure to meet you and your little ones! We’ll be at our booth from Friday to Sunday (Nov. 9-10 & … Continue reading “Momzelle @Toronto Baby Time Show !”