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We are so excited that we have reached 5000 Likes on our Facebook page that we want to celebrate!

We are so proud to be a part of a wonderful community of breastfeeding mothers.  Sharing, informing, inspiring and, of course, breastfeeding is what our page is all about!

To celebrate and say thanks to our awesome Momzelle moms, we are giving away a $50 gift certificate at momzelle.com.  Simply leave a comment on the blog or our facebook page and tell us, what is the best piece of advice you received about breastfeeding!  Let’s share our wisdom!

The winner will be drawn at random on July 3rd and announced on the blog.  Good luck and thank you!

Update: The contest is now closed and the winner is… Bethany Eskro!  Congratulations and happy nursing!

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  1. Keep at it! It get’s easier and then you’ll be happy that you don’t have to bring anything with you other than wearing an easy access shirt 🙂

  2. When my baby was in the hospital (she was there for 9 weeks as she was preemie), and I was exhausted and emotional and couldn’t breast feed her for a while, I pumped and pumped and pumped. I was afraid she’d never learn to bf. The best advice I received which really encouraged me came from the NICU nurses who said I was giving my baby the best gift I could. Now she’s been home for a few months and she’s an awesome breastfeeder.

  3. Best advice was- stick with it, it gets easier after 6 weeks, It did get much easier though I had always planned to bf for the year at least.

  4. The best advice I received was “just tough it out through the first few days. It gets easier as you get passed the initial learning curve.”

    That and don’t say you will “try” to breastfeed. Make the commitment and do everything in your power to make it work. Say you “will” breastfeed.

  5. The best piece of breastfeeding advice I ever received was from my mom – breastfeeding is not only about “feeding”, it is also about comforting, bonding and taking a moment to be together no matter where you are. I am still breastfeeding my 13 month old daughter, and I plan to continue for some time! The shirts I already own from Momzelle make this really easy 🙂

  6. The best advice about breastfeeding I received was to have lanolin cream nearby in the early weeks to help heal sore nipples. I’m also appreciative of the friends who warned me about cluster feeding in the evenings when baby is going through a growth spurt – it really helped to realise those marathon evening nursing sessions were normal, but wouldn’t last forever.

  7. That is the ‘normal’ way to feed babies. No one actually said this but it was something I observed over my life as my mom breast fed all her kids and my older sister breastfeeding hers as well. My family showed me its normal, and doesn’t need to be hidden away – no other advice even comes close to exposure.

  8. Trust your gut when it comes to your baby.. there is no greater connection than a mom and her baby and you will know if your baby is getting enough to eat.. and your baby will tell you if he or she is hungry.

  9. If it hurts, GET HELP! with my first 2 i put up with minimal pain. With my third i found out they were all tongue tied and were traumatizing my nipples daily. With the third one it got so bad i was bleeding and got a pretty bad yeast infection. Moral of the story? GET HELP. your Local LLL is a great resource and they are free!

  10. Just do it! If you are determined to do it, don’t let anything sway you, take your baby with anywhere you need to. If baby cannot go, don’t go! It is not important enough! On my fourth and never been a bottle, only left for short periods of time between feedings with my husband! And I have never been told I could not come – usually get that baby was SO quiet, they never knew there was a baby!

  11. My best advice was to stop trying to fix a latch that wasn’t broken. My daughter never had a perfect textbook latch, yet she was getting plenty enough milk and wasn’t causing me increasing pain. Still, it was hard not to worry that something was wrong when it was so absolutely impossible to get those pouty opened lips. This advice saved my breastfeeding, as I was going to stop convinced that I just couldn’t get it right. Ten months later, we’ re still going strong, without that perfect latch and not worst for wear!

  12. The best advice I received was at the hospital from a very friendly young nurse. I thought my baby boy was not interested in nursing as he’d suckle a few times and stop. She told me that newborns tire easily so this is the way they nurse and it will get better with time, to just be patient and let him go at it for however long he likes. After that things made so much more sense!

  13. When my second baby was born we were both struggling a bit to get a good, comfortable latch. A lactation consultant reminded me that I nursed my first until she was 11 months old which is very, very different from nursing a newborn. I had honestly never thought of it that way. But she was right, I was trying to get my newborn to nurse like an 11 month old. Once I let go of that mindset we were able to get it down. Now here we are almost 13 months later and going strong even with me being ten weeks pregnant 🙂

    1. Congratulations Bethany! You have been randomly selected as our 5000 facebook friend giveaway winner! We will be emailing you shortly with all the details.

      Happy Nursing,
      Sara @ Momzelle

  14. I thought the most useful information I received when I started breastfeeding my first (7.5 years ago!) was learning the capacity of a newborn’s stomach. Their little tummies are so tiny, it helped me feel confident that I was able to produce the quantity of colostrum, and then milk, that she needed.

  15. The best advised I received was to be present with your child as s/he breastfeeds. The connection I feel with her is so strong at all times, but especially as I watch her nurse.

  16. Le meilleur conseil que j’ai reçu est de m’informer pendant la grossesse, de ne pas attendre que le bébé soit arrivé, ainsi je peux me préparer et connaître d’avance les ressources qui seront là pour m’aider en cas de problème.

  17. C’est rarement facile au début et c’est normal. Il faut continué pour la santé de l’enfant et le lien privilégié que l’allaitement crée. Et, ça finit toujours par être moins chiant que le biberon.

  18. The best advice I received about breast feeding can not be simplified with one piece of advice. I received so much helpful advice while breastfeeding both my children from local breast feeding clinics. The most importent suggestion I can give to new or even moms of multiple children is if you ever have any questions or concerns call your local BF clinics. And of course ultimately do what is right for you and your baby. You are the expert about your baby. Cheers

  19. le meilleur conseil que lon ma donné: laisser aller les choses comme elle vont! je sais ca parait simplet comme tout mais en se stressant, en pendant toujours a comment pourquoi et quand on doit allaiter, on ne saide pas du tout, on ne fais que se compliquer la vie encore plus! il faut juste savoir nos limites, avoir de bonnes amies qui peuvent nous soutenir et surtout ne pas nous obliger a la faire si on ne sent pas quon es capable!! surtout pas de pression, ca ne fait quagraver les choses!

  20. Le meilleur conseil que j’ai eu était de ne pas abandonner même
    Si c’était très difficile parfois et c’est vrai que ça en vaut la peine!

  21. The best piece of advice I heard was to give breastfeeding six weeks in order to feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it. I was skeptical when I heard it but then had my baby, and sure enough, at the sixth week, I felt like things were getting easier, and the seventh week was even more easy.

  22. The best advice I got was when I learned how to nurse laying down. After an unexpected c-section, that was such a lifesaver to have an easy nursing position that I could rest and recover myself in and not have the baby on my scar!So my advice to other new mamas is to try a variety of nursing positions until you find one or more you love!

  23. Il ne faut pas trop se tracasser pour l’allaitement; les mamans le font depuis toujours et il n’y a aucune raison de s’en faire. Bien entendu c’est demandant, mais tellement agréable. Un excellent conseil reçu et qui devrait d’ailleurs être le premier donné après l’accouchement: il faut que le bébé ouvre très grand la bouche avant de commencer son goûté!

  24. Best advice I got was that it gets better. I was determined to breastfeed no matter what, and knowing that it would get better and eventually be easy helped so much. My babe is 5 months now, and it did get better. Its easy now, and I’m so glad I carried on 🙂

  25. Best advice was put saran wrap (plastic wrap) on your nipples. Never had a single problem with sore nipples!!

  26. Durant la 2ieme et 3 ieme semaine… c’etait tres dur pour moi, j’avais mal aux seins car bebe buvait a tout les 1h30… On m’a dit: n’abandonne pas tout de suite! C’est le bout le plus dur! Et ca ete tellement vrai! apres la 3ieme semaine, tout est rentrer dans l’ordre! Maintenant bebe a 2 mois et j’allaite ou je veux, comme je veux!! <3

  27. The best advice I ever got about breast feeding was to learn how to nurse side lying! I get more sleep than most other mothers because we do the boob and roll.

  28. Don’t let other people pressure or sway you. And NO MATTER WHAT you decide or works best for you remember YOU ARE A GOOD MOM and doing the best you can. Do your best and love your baby!

  29. Get a good nursing bra! Momzelle was instrumental in helping me get the best nursing shirts. Also, to trust yourself…..

  30. Le meilleur conseil que j’ai reçu a été en fait l’aide reçue par l’infirmière du CLSC de ma région lors de sa visite qui m’a montré les positions possibles de l’allaitement avec ma fille. Ce fut d’un grand secours !! Je dois dire aussi que tous les encouragements pour persévérer au-delà du fameux 2 premières semaines ont été très bénéfiques !

  31. I think the best advice is something I figured out on my own. Stop worrying about it so much – the latch, eating enough, whether you nurse them to sleep or not etc etc and just enjoy what you are doing with your baby. It is called nursing for a reason – it is not just about eating.It is very special to be able to nuture your baby physically and emotionally with your own body just like you did when they were developing inside you.

  32. “Une tétée à la fois”. Phrase très pratique à se répéter, surtout au début, quand ça fait très mal. Et croire ses amies lorsqu’elles nous disent que dans pas long, on ne sentira plus rien, c’est tellement vrai!!

  33. Just be patient and take your time. Your baby and you will get it. Anything worth doing isn’t alway going to be easy.

  34. Trust your instincts. Feed the baby when their hungry and don’t worry about a “schedule”. Don’t give up – you can do it!

  35. apprendre à laisser les choses aller, on ne peut pas tout controler! surtout lorsqu’il s’agit de bébé et d’allaitement!! c

  36. Les bébés sont faits pour téter et les mères pour allaiter!!!
    J’y ai toujours cru malgré les difficultés.

  37. Le meilleur conseil que j’ai reçu est de faire confiance à mon instinct de maman. Les mères allaitent depuis la nuit des temps, je serais donc capable d’y arriver moi aussi! Sans oublier de demander de l’aide, cela peut faire de grandes différences, même si bébé semble bien boire. Une simple modification de la position de bébé, ou un enseignement d’une nouvelle position, peut rendre l’allaitement encore plus facile! 🙂

  38. Le meilleur conseil que j’ai eu au sujet de l’allaitement a été de me fier à mon bébé et non à l’horloge ou au calendrier. C’est ce qui m’a permis d’être moins stressée et plus à l’écoute des besoins de ma fille.

  39. best advice about breastfeeding: Nurse your baby in bed during the night so you don’t need to get up.

  40. The best advice I have is nurse often once the baby is born and this will increase your milk flow. Also drink lots of liquids will help too

  41. The best advice I could give is DON’T GIVE UP! Don’t be discouraged by a small milk supply. If you put your hungry baby at your breast, your body will make milk.

  42. Best advice: It’s really hard in the beginning, with around the clock feeds, latching problems, milk flow issues, but don’t give up and it’s one of the most rewarding and bonding experiences you’ll ever have. My daughter is 16 months and it has been an amazing journey thus far!

  43. The best advice I received was not to worry that my little one was only eating on one side and for a max time of 8 minutes. I was really worried that he wasn’t getting enough; but, he’s 6 months now and has more than tripled his birth weight on breast milk alone.

    … and, WATER, WATER, WATER ladies 🙂

  44. best piece of advice had to have been, stick with it. It may be hard at first but stick with it. Youll get the hand of it.

  45. The best advice that I received was that it was okay to ask for help. I spoke to a lot of nurses when I was in the hospital and was able to get lots of great advice and was shown a variety of techniques until we found the one that would work for us. As well, I found it very helpful to have my family take care of me in the beginning so that I could concentrate on taking care of my new little bundle of joy.

  46. Relax and be open to a lot of different peoples advice. Until you figure out what is going to work for you and your little one. I had to work with a preemie who was only bottle fed while in the NICU because this NICU was behind the times for a healthy preemie that is progressing well he should have been offered to nurse on his first feed or at least he should have been given his mothers Breast milk. We came home from the Hospital only seeing the Lactation consultant at the Hospital to get a Hospital Breast pump so that we would have Breast Milk for when he came home and they felt he was ready to Breastfeed. We finally got both a WIC Lactation consultant and La Leche League to work with us and he was able to Breast feed with a nipple shield. He never was completely able to Breast feed and did require Formula for supplementation after he was 3 months old. That said he did get at least 1 Breastmilk bottle a a day until he was 12 months old. And as preemies go he was very healthy. He only Had a little bit of an issue with reflux but that resolved at about 9 months old. I would say to keep working at Breast feed and be willing to pump if breastfeeding isn’t working well with your preemie but nursing a preemie as a first child is a lot harder than nursing a full term baby or nursing a preemie after having success nursing other children. We had to turn to strangers, because Non of the living Grandparents had Breastfed any of their children. My BFF was a retired nurse and while she had never nursed a baby herself her medical knowledge mixed with the information from her mother (we communicated over the phone because she lives over 1000 miles away )who had nursed a preemie helped me have success.

  47. Don’t worry about what people are thinking around you, when its time to breastfeed, especially in the public!

  48. C’est possible d’allaiter même si on a subi une réduction mammaire. Malgré la croyance de plusieurs et même de certains spécialistes, il faut persévérer. Donnez le sein fréquemment et faire la technique de la compression lors des premières semaines donnent des résultats.

  49. Ceci ne fais aucun doute pour nous autres, 5000 Facebook Friends Giveaway! Momzelle Breastfeeding Blog se révèle être une mine d’information sûr et compréhensible de tous.

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