The Breastfeeding Tourist

Last weekend we were in Ottawa for a friend’s wedding.  Here is my daughter and I breastfeeding on the lawn in front of parliament.

Have you travelled while breastfeeding?  Where is the most interesting place you have nursed your child?

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1 thought on “The Breastfeeding Tourist”

  1. I have breastfed in planes, on trains, in stopped automobiles, on busses, on boats, with a sling while walking through castles in Europe, in restaurants, in the rain, in the snow, on benches in malls, in department stores, while waiting in line to pass through international security and customs at airports, while swimming, in parks, forests, tents, cabins, and more!

    The key is being minimalistic in your travel needs so that you’re not carrying too much stuff when the time to nurse occurs.

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