The Best Gifts for New Moms this Mother’s Day

My first child will be twelve weeks old on Mother’s Day, this Sunday.  I’m finally on the receiving end of this holiday!!  Of course, I now firmly believe everyday should be mother’s day and that this “hallmark” holiday is a truly great reminder to reach out to our mothers and let them know how much we appreciate all they do!

I have come up with a list of things that I would certainly appreciate this Sunday.

My daughter is too young, so this list is really for my husband:)

The Best Gifts for New Mom’s this Mother’s Day:

1)  Housekeeping!  I would just love to get a gift certificate to a cleaning service.  It would be such a luxury to get rid of these dust bunnies!  Barely able to keep on top of brushing my teeth these days, house work has gone by the wayside.

2)  Breakfast in bed.  Most mornings I get out of bed quietly to let the working husband catch a little more sleep.  I quickly grab a banana (or anything else I can eat one-handed) and set myself up in my glider in the living room before my little one asks for her breakfast.  I would love to have a tray of pancakes, orange juice, and fresh fruit brought to me as I breastfeed in bed.

3) Call me old fashioned, but I would love a bouquet of flowers!  Spring is in the air and nothing brightens up an apartment like colourful, beautiful flowers.  They are also a nice distraction from the dust bunnies!

4)  A new Momzelle top! A shameless plug, I know, but now that I am a breastfeeding mother it’s all I wear!


What do you want this Mother’s Day?

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