Breastfeeding Book Review: This Milk Tastes Good

I am a new mother.  My daughter is eleven weeks old and already loves reading.  Well, since last Tuesday  she is happiest (when not on the boob) sitting on our laps facing out, so we have been reading her stories!

I was recently sent a book to review.  This Milk Tastes Good! by Chenniah Patrick is a breastfeeding nursery rhyme.  It is a simple and sweet poem written from the child’s perspective.  With lines like “it sometimes tastes like oatmeal and honey, but I just think that it all tastes yummy”, the rhyme is a cute play on the theory that breast milk changes slightly in flavour based on what mom eats.

My favourite part of this book is the illustrations.  As you can see on the cover, mama is nursing on a park bench.  I love promotion of breastfeeding in public!  There are also images of babywearing, the father unfreezing breastmilk (wearing an “I heart bf” t-shirt!), and the family eating nutritious meals.

Images of breastfeeding directed at children are few and far between.  It is great to read a book that incorporates breastfeeding as a normal and natural part of daily life with an infant.  The author explains in the introduction that she created this poem because she couldn’t find anything to read or sing to her baby while she nursed that was relatable.  There are plenty of images of animals feeding their babies, but not humans!

I admit that I am biased to all things that promote and normalize breastfeeding.  This book is great!

Win a copy of This Milk Tastes Good! by leaving a comment below telling us your favourite place to breastfeed!  The winner will be drawn at random Friday May 11th.

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25 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Book Review: This Milk Tastes Good”

  1. Now that the weather is warming up, baby’s newest favourite place to breastfeed is lying side by side on a blanket on the grass in our back yard!

  2. My favorite place to breastfeed is in our courtyard: fountain sounds in the background, roses and lots of greens and herbs. It’s my favorite place for everything family 🙂

  3. I love being able to nurse my 14 month old wherever and whenever! It truly makes for a happy child! But the best public place I’ve nursed her was probably the airport and plane. All these fussy babies were around us miserable and as long as I was nursing my daughter, she was as content as could be. It also helped so much with the pressure change in the airplane. Just nursed her and no ear pain….no screaming child! I am so delighted to here there is a breastfeeding book for kids! That is so awesome and much needed! Thank you for doing this review!

  4. I have nursed in a lot of places, but at the end of the day (literally), my favourite place to nurse is in the baby’s nursery. It is always a peaceful end to the day and is one of the few times we are alone together, just the two of us.

  5. Anywhere we are!!
    Church gym during playgroup or music class…park bench…even patio furniture displays in a pinch 😉

  6. My favorite place to nurse is cuddled up in bed first thing in the morning… Babe is so warm and still sleepy!

  7. My favorite place to bf is anywhere. I love feeling her close to me, snuggling while she’s eating. I’m nursing as I type right now. 🙂

  8. My favorite place to breastfeed is cuddled up next to my little dude in bed. So relaxing for both of us! This is especially true lately since my 7 month old is getting to be much more interested in the distractions from the world around him rather than nursing much of the time…..

  9. I have nursed at church, playgroup, restaurants, even on the train, but my favourite place is at home in her nursery. We have a nice quiet spot in a comfy chair perfect for one on one snuggles and bedtime stories!

  10. As the author of a children’s book similar to this one, it make me happy to see more and more of these types of books available. I’ve always felt it was important for children to learn that breastfeeding is normal and natural. This looks like a great book!

    I love breastfeeding outdoors, when the weather is just perfect.

  11. My fave place that I have nursed was on a beach chair under a huge umbrella on a beach near my parents place in FLA. The weather was perfect, the water shimmery and my 2 year old fell asleep in my arms and transferred to a towel for a perfect nap 🙂

  12. My favourite place to breastfeed is everywhere on-the-go… specially when my baby is on the wrap and I have to catch the bus!

  13. My toddler and I LOVE breastfeeding in the bath tub!
    Warm soothing water, skin-to-skin contact… totally relaxing for both of us! 🙂

  14. My favourite place to breastfeed has to be a tie between lieing in bed together snuggled close or in our glider chair. My 4 month old appears to associate the chair with bedtime now and calms right down even after an exciting day or evenings where dad gets home late (baby gets so excited whenever he sees him)

    Also breastfeeding him outside on a beautiful sunshine day somewhere with an amazing view isn’t to bad either.

  15. One of my favorite places to nurse my 16 month old daughter is in the peace & quiet of her nursery just before bed. I love how the distractions of life quickly fade during that time .

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