The Breastfeeding Tourist

Last weekend we were in Ottawa for a friend’s wedding.  Here is my daughter and I breastfeeding on the lawn in front of parliament. Have you travelled while breastfeeding?  Where is the most interesting place you have nursed your child? Feel free to share your photos on our facebook page!

The Best Gifts for New Moms this Mother’s Day

My first child will be twelve weeks old on Mother’s Day, this Sunday.  I’m finally on the receiving end of this holiday!!  Of course, I now firmly believe everyday should be mother’s day and that this “hallmark” holiday is a truly great reminder to reach out to our mothers and let them know how much … Continue reading “The Best Gifts for New Moms this Mother’s Day”

Breastfeeding Book Review: This Milk Tastes Good

I am a new mother.  My daughter is eleven weeks old and already loves reading.  Well, since last Tuesday  she is happiest (when not on the boob) sitting on our laps facing out, so we have been reading her stories! I was recently sent a book to review.  This Milk Tastes Good! by Chenniah Patrick is … Continue reading “Breastfeeding Book Review: This Milk Tastes Good”

Momzelle is hiring: Job Offer

– JOB OFFER – May 1st 2012 Inside sales representative Momzelle (, a business established five years ago, is a nursing wear brand with a mission: helping mothers feel good about breastfeeding in public. Momzelle has won numerous awards, including «Best socially-minded business» in 2010 and «Best Young Entrepreneurs» by Desjardins in 2011. The nursing … Continue reading “Momzelle is hiring: Job Offer”