My Breastfeeding Journey: Getting comfortable

My first child will be four weeks old this week.  It sure is going fast (except the nights, funny how that works).  We have conquered the cracked nipples and improper latch, my next challenge was getting comfortable.

Finding a comfortable position didn’t take me too long.  I have set myself up, almost permanently, on the couch.  I have three pillows propped on one end of the couch, which gives me a nice recline and lets me put my feet up.  Adele and I are tummy to tummy so my arms and back don’t get sore.  Of course, this position doesn’t allow for a lot of function.  I have to make sure I grab my big glass of water, snacks, phone, remote control and current book before I begin.  It’s quite liberating to just allow myself the time and relaxation of nursing in this position.  I will admit that, now that we are in our fourth week, I am starting to feel the pull of obligations.  Entirely self-imposed, I am feeling the need to get things done around the house, get back on Facebook and writing this blog, and getting outside for a daily walk.  Sometimes I get to these things and sometimes I don’t…

Getting comfortable nursing in front of friends and family took me just a bit longer than I thought.  I have been working for Momzelle for a while now and have heard countless stories of how the shirts allow for discreet and easy nursing.  I was quite excited to be able to finally get to use them myself.  And suddenly I was in my living room with a three day old squirmy baby and my husband’s 95 year old grandfather.  I definitely spent the first week of Adele’s life stepping out of the room to get us latched.  But you should see us now!  I have lost all concern about showing a little nipple, mostly because it hardly ever shows.  Adele latches on with expertise and I have figured out all openings in my nursing tops:)  It has been equally liberating to be a part of the conversation and to be included in the get togethers because I am comfortable nursing in front of friends and family.  Along with my comfort and confidence, my friends and family show their support by also being comfortable around us while we nurse.  Their nonchalance is much appreciated!

Next up: Nursing in Public…

What is your most comfortable breastfeeding position?  Were your friends and family comfortable with you breastfeeding around them?

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