My Breastfeeding Journey: Getting comfortable

My first child will be four weeks old this week.  It sure is going fast (except the nights, funny how that works).  We have conquered the cracked nipples and improper latch, my next challenge was getting comfortable. Finding a comfortable position didn’t take me too long.  I have set myself up, almost permanently, on the … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Getting comfortable”

My Breastfeeding Journey: Cracked nipples and an LC

As I approached 41 weeks in my first pregnancy, I was feeling the pressure from the medical community.  Setting an induction date was brought up at my 40 week appointment and it set my emotions on a roller coaster.  My desire for an unmedicated, minimal intervention birth was feeling under attack. Lots of walking, squatting … Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey: Cracked nipples and an LC”