Judgement Free Breastfeeding – Sign the pledge

Support with Integrity

Here is a wonderful pledge to promote judgement-free breastfeeding.  We all need to help each other out and support one another.  Here is an excerpt of the pledge:

I PLEDGE to keep my ego in check, while treating other breastfeeding boosters, lactation facilitators, breastfeeding organizations, and mothers respectfully, knowing that we’re all working toward the common goal of providing breast milk for babies.

I affirm that my time is best spent directing my positive, encouraging support toward helping mamas successfully breastfeed.

I PLEDGE to agree that there are many right ways to breastfeed a baby.  There isn’t a “wrong way” as long as the breast milk is flowin’ and the baby is growin’.

I think these words are just wonderful.  Hopefully most of us have already adopted them as a perspective, but there’s no harm in reminding ourselves every once in a while:)

Check out the full pledge and sign it here.


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