Happy New Year – My Breastfeeding Resolutions

I have never been much of a resolution maker.  I tend to contemplate the year ahead, but I rarely commit to anything!

This year I do have something that I am determined to commit to.  I am four weeks away from my due date with my first baby.  It isn’t losing the baby weight or getting the babe to sleep through the night by X month.  It isn’t to purée my own organic baby food or become a super famous mommy blogger:)  My resolution is to breastfeed.

To be sure to attain this goal, here are my specific resolutions:

— Have immediate skin to skin after delivery

— Join my local La Leche League.  I want to be surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable women.

— Seek help.  I know this most natural and instinctive relationship can have quite the learning curve at the beginning and I want to be ready to tackle any hurdle that comes our way.  I have a list of lactation consultants already on hand.

— Breastfeed exclusively for the first six months.

Embrace this new relationship, even when it seems consuming and overwhelming (and possibly painful).  I want to remember to take a deep breath and look down at my little one when it all seems too much.  I am nurturing a human being.  We are building a relationship of trust and comfort.

— When I am comfortable and confident, breastfeed in public.  I don’t imagine I will be going anywhere to soon, having a baby in February in Montreal, but as soon as we start to thaw I want to be out and about!  Rather than schedule my life around a feed, I want to embrace the mobility of breastfeeding and get out there.

— Follow my child’s lead in regards to weaning.  Reference WHO recommendations and breastfeed as long as is mutually beneficial (this is more of a resolution for 2013!)

What are your breastfeeding resolutions or goals this year?

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