5 best tips and resources for plugged ducts

Breastfeeding is one of the many things I am hugely anticipating with my impending motherhood (due in Feb!).  It is also one of the only things I witnessed up close that kind of scared the crap out of me.  Let’s be clear, I witnessed my sister breastfeeding and it was beautiful and inspiring.  Her nasty case of mastitis is what traumatized me (let alone her!) just a tad.  She had a rare and severe version that turned into an abscess and required surgery.

A plugged milk duct is a very common breastfeeding obstacle.  To reach our goals and make breastfeeding a pleasurable experience for all, I wanted to gather what the experts say so we can be prepared and overcome this hurdle!

Top tips for curing plugged ducts (taken from the resources below):

1) Eating a nutritious diet to boost the immune system

2) Plenty of rest and fluids

3) Nurse regularly, especially on affected side.  As Dr. Sears says ” by any means, get the milk out” to prevent engorgement.

4) Apply a warm compress before nursing.

5) Nurse affected breast first, ensuring a good, strong latch.  Baby can help dislodge the plug with his strong sucking.

These are some of the most  common remedies and suggestions.  I’ve also read wearing loose clothing, massage, different nursing positions, and a slice of potato can help.  Don’t let a plugged duct get worse or stop you from breastfeeding (I tell myself, over and over:)!

If you’ve experienced a plugged or blocked duct, I consider you an expert too!  What helped you clear a plugged duct?

Here are some great resources:


Dr. Sears


The Momzelle resources page (find answers to many other breastfeeding questions here as well!)

The Leaky Boob facebook page (an amazing community of moms helping moms)

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