Interview with a Mompreneur

Momzelle co-founder, Christine Poirier was recently interviewed by True Cuddles.


She gives insight into what it is like to balance motherhood and running a business, what inspires and motivates her and what’s in her purse:)

Here is an excerpt from the interview.  Click here to read it in full.

How would you describe your typical workday?- 9 to 5, while my daughter is in daycare is when I get to work! My brother and I share all the strategic decisions about Momzelle and we split the daily chores like this: he does the finance and logistics side while I take on most of the creative work and the marketing side.

What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects about being your own boss? – Most rewarding: the feeling of accomplishment. Most challenging: knowing that this feeling is fleeting. Knowing that if I do work well and follow my plans, I will achieve my goals. Receiving compliments from moms, telling me that Momzelle has improved their lives is very motivating and makes me want to do more. I am now working on developing the best nursing bra possible. It’s my current big goal.

What do you love about being a mom and mompreneur?- As a mom, I love that I get to help a little one develop and become independent. Being successful at running my own business gives me the confidence that my daughter truly has no limits. As mompreneurs, we set an example of self-reliability and confidence.

Thanks to True Cuddles for highlighting Christine and her work with Momzelle.

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