Creative ways to induce labour

40 weeks pregnant

I want to avoid a hospital induction.  I’m due in nine weeks with my first child.  At the hospital I am going to have the baby at, the policy is to induce at 41 weeks and 3 days.  Considering that most first time moms are at least a week overdue, I am already thinking about the various things I can do to try and get things going on my own!

Momzelle nursing clothes

Of course, it will be two months until I start trying any of the following:)  I’ve read about various different methods, none of them conclusively being what started labour: spicy food, walking, stair climbing, bumpy car ride, nipple stimulation, sex, castor oil, various herbs and teas, and bouncing on a birthing ball.  All of these methods will be discussed with my doctor and well-researched by myself before attempting.  And, except for the castor oil, they all seem quite fun:)

The best natural induction I’ve seen though is this one:

Do you have any techniques to induce labour?  What worked for you?



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