Breastfeeding is normal!

I am due with my first child in two months.  There are so many things I am looking forward to, but… I don’t like drawing attention to myself, making people uncomfortable or  being insecure.  What I really don’t like is that these things are often associated with breastfeeding in public!

I am truly excited for the breastfeeding relationship only I will be able to have with my child.  Because of my work on this blog and my involvement with an amazing community of online breastfeeding mothers, I feel that I will confidently breastfeed in public.  I just hope that if (or when, as it seems more often) I run into negative reactions I will remember this “confidence” I have now!

Last month there was an article about a Michigan judge that deemed breastfeeding (discreetly in the back of his courtroom) “inappropriate”.  Read the article here.  It seems everyday I read about more women feeling embarassed or belittled when breastfeeding in public.  Breastfeeding is normal!! I don’t want to breastfeed in public to make a statement of my rights and responsibilities.  I want to breastfeed because that is what is best for my child.

I would like to see this stop being an issue.  Bottle-feed or breastfeed, the idea is that if you are out with your baby you should not feel weird about feeding it!

Do you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public?  How do we make breastfeeding the cultural norm?

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