Momzelle Holiday Photo Contest!

Where will you be breastfeeding this holiday season? We are starting a new tradition this year!  The Momzelle Holiday Photo Contest! Here’s how it works: 1.  Take a photo of you nursing your little one in any of your fabulous Momzelle tops or dresses in a holiday setting.  Show us how you celebrate the holiday … Continue reading “Momzelle Holiday Photo Contest!”

Operation Flip This Baby

We had an ultrasound last week.  We were thrilled to hear that the baby is growing and developing just as it should be.  The technician said “looks great” and “we like to see that” enough times to get me giddy.  The baby weighs approx. 2.2kg (4.5 lbs or so).  It was so exciting to squint … Continue reading “Operation Flip This Baby”

Interview with a Mompreneur

Momzelle co-founder, Christine Poirier was recently interviewed by True Cuddles.   She gives insight into what it is like to balance motherhood and running a business, what inspires and motivates her and what’s in her purse:) Here is an excerpt from the interview.  Click here to read it in full. How would you describe your … Continue reading “Interview with a Mompreneur”

Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote

The best thing to spend on your children is time ~ Unknown   I’m not sure who originally said this.  I found it amongst other excellent (and humorous) parenting observations on With the holiday season upon us, money and presents seem to have a way of taking over the spirit of things.  Another interpretation … Continue reading “Monday’s Breastfeeding Quote”

Momzelle Holiday Sale!

  Happy Holidays! On until December 25th, take advantage of our excellent sale! The more you buy, the more you save!  Buy one, get one at 50% off.  Buy four tops and get two at 50% off! Wishing you the very best this holiday season, ~ The Momzelle team    

32 weeks pregnant!

How I feel this week: *This is not me (or quite possibly even real for that matter)!  This is a picture that has been around for years, but it perfectly describes how I feel these days.  This pregnancy has been so surreal for me.  Even though I have watched my belly grow, felt movement for … Continue reading “32 weeks pregnant!”

Promoting Breastfeeding: then and now

They are hard to find, but here is a great collection of breastfeeding ads from  They span the decades. I love this one.  It’s part of a series from Canada published in the 1990’s.   The small print says “you’ve got what it takes to make a healthy baby and it doesn’t cost a … Continue reading “Promoting Breastfeeding: then and now”

Momzelle Holiday Guide 2011!

What will you be wearing this holiday season? Don’t forget to put a few things on the wish list for yourself! Here are a few ideas from the new Momzelle collection: Flamenco Nursing Dress – Look gorgeous in this stylish, yet practical dress. Nursing Turtle Neck – One of our most popular tops, versatile and … Continue reading “Momzelle Holiday Guide 2011!”

Creative ways to induce labour

I want to avoid a hospital induction.  I’m due in nine weeks with my first child.  At the hospital I am going to have the baby at, the policy is to induce at 41 weeks and 3 days.  Considering that most first time moms are at least a week overdue, I am already thinking about … Continue reading “Creative ways to induce labour”