New mom must haves! What is on your list?

Here at Momzelle we are preparing for the upcoming Baby Time Show in Toronto.  It is one of three trade shows we do every year.    I have worked the booth a few times in the past, but this year is going to be different for me.  This year I will be seven months pregnant at the show.  This year I will be looking for more than the snack bar when I weave in and out of the aisles!

Trade shows are quite exciting!  Everything from big box stores to innovative entrepreneurs, all in the same place.  There are so many products out there for the new mom.

As I near the third trimester, the planning stage is kicking in.  What do I really need? And what do I want?  Aside from my collection of Momzelle tops, what items are new mom necessities?  The list is long and confusing.  We live in a small apartment!  Here is a funny blog from Baby Center about new mom products, comparing them to what our parents had!

What are your essential new mom items or products?  And what ended up collecting dust?

This mom-to-be needs your advice!



4 thoughts on “New mom must haves! What is on your list?”

  1. A baby sling or soft structured carrier (mei tai, Ergo)but avoid the BabyBjorn/snugli styles that carry outwards (you can’t nurse in them, and they’re bad for you and baby’s backs). I really love my diaper wipes warmer – or should I say, my son does. I use cloth washcloths, since we cloth diaper, but I get a bunch of them wet and put them in there to warm. He hates it when I use a cold one ;D I also found a Boppy pillow and nursing stool to be indespensible. Other than that (warm clothes, a car seat cover, breastpump for work), I really didn’t need a lot else. I have a changing table, rocker and crib from friends, but we didn’t use the crib much. Some moms can do the on-the-floor changing, but I’m an older mom, so I need to be standing for my back. Oh, cloth diapers, that was a big help for us.

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thank you for your advice. I am really excited to find a great baby sling/wrap/carrier. I just can’t decide which one!
      We are also thinking of doing cloth diapers so it’s great to hear they are such a positive thing in your household.

  2. As a new mom six times over, I’ve learned what was really needed and what I could do without.
    *Plenty of baby blankets
    *PJ’s for the baby if cold weather, onesies if warm weather (you will want several on hand, new baby’s can be messy and need a lot of changes.)
    *burp cloths
    *something to lay baby in when not in the car -like a Pack ‘n Play or a bouncy seat or swing.
    *if breastfeeding, something to cover baby for easy feeding out and about
    *if breastfeeding you may want to consider the best breast pump for you – in case you’d like to pump and have dad help, or be able to go out, etc.
    *nursing pads (LOTS)
    *plenty of diapers and wipes
    *newborn baby tub and baby bath
    I think, these are the essentials.

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