Finding the right crowd…

As I prepare for the birth of my first child, I am realizing how important it is to be surrounded by like-minded, supportive people (which seems obvious, but it really just occurred to me on a profound level!). I have read lots of books, scoured the internet for information, and joined pregnancy newsletters. I have developed ideas and beliefs about birth that I didn’t have pre-pregnancy.

I want to be so involved and pro-active in the delivery and birth process, so I am seeking out as much information as I can. This weekend, my husband and I went to childbirth preparation class at a yoga studio that I found online. Here is where the obvious statement of my first sentence hit me profoundly. This class was perfect for me! I practice yoga (not quite as regularly as I’d like…) and am a big believer in the mind-body connection it encourages. The instructor spoke about relaxation, breathing, movement and touch. Connecting these ideas to giving birth makes so much sense to me. I loved every minute it of it. To top off the experience, at the end of the workshop our instructor promptly tandem breastfed her 15 month old twins. Amazing!

I have just arrived in a new city. I am lucky to know quite a few people already, but I don’t know any pregnant or new moms. I don’t know anyone who desires the same kind of birth I do and I don’t know anyone currently breastfeeding.  To achieve my birth and breastfeeding goals, I see many a mom’s groups and la leche league meetings in my future! I need some mom friends…

Where did you find a group of supportive, like-minded women?  Did they help shape your perspective of parenting?

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  1. hi, I was terrified of the new-mom isolation so I got all the e-mail addresses of the moms in my prenatal class to form a group. It has been a blessing in so many ways! We get together often and are able to share ideas about what to do with our babies who are all around the same age. If you are in the west island (or can get out here) you would be more than welcome to join us.

    There is also the West Island Women’s centre which has been a great place to meet new moms and do some really reasonably priced courses. Sign up for new members is coming up shortly at the beginning of December.

    There is lots out there and I think we all become much more open to starting new friendships at this stage because we are all a little afraid of being cooped up at home alone all winter.

    I wish you all the best in this wonderful journey

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It is so generous to invite me! I really appreciate it. It’s a great idea to start with the prenatal classes. I guess I’m feeling a little shy right now, but we are half way through our classes so I better get talking! I can see how quickly I will lose that shyness when I have my baby though. I don’t want to go through this amazing adventure alone. I can’t wait to find groups and places to hang out. I think you are right, Montreal has a lot to offer and it’s up to me to get out there and discover!

      1. I just gathered everyones email and started a facebook group which has been a great place for discussion and arranging meetings with everyone. It’s funny that noone else was offering to do it but I know how much people appreciate it now. Send me an email if you want more info.

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